Meet Sam,
the AI Sales Engineer
That reps invite to calls so they don't have to add an SE, just in case things get "technical"
(friendly tour, not a sales pitch)

Sam turns every Account Executive into a product expert

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Armando Mann
President, Hopin
Give your sellers
With Sam always available in and out of calls, your sellers ramp faster and higher
Give your SEs their
time back
SEs reclaim 30% of their time and step in when the deal is qualified
Give your pipeline
Reps accomplish more in each call, avoiding expensive follow-up meetings

Frequently asked questions

Will Sam hallucinate?
Will my data be used to train Sam for another customer?
Does Sam replace SEs?

I've been in your shoes

I had "ramped" reps who couldn't take a meeting without an SE.
I hated it. That's why I built Sam.
(friendly tour, not a sales pitch)